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A Season in Hell

I can think of no other way to describe my tennis season.  It's been an absolute nightmare, so much so that I don't know if I will continue playing this summer.  I am 1-4 in USTA and I just traveled to San Francisco only to lose horribly in doubles at the United States Gay Open.  If you recall, last year at this same tournament I was in the last 16 in singles.  I am miserable playing tennis, fat and out of shape and just not really having any fun.  I seriously doubt I could beat a double amputee right now.

I committed to playing doubles at the Seattle tournament in July but I am seriously considering not entering and just going away for the weekend.  There's a lot going on right now- I got accepted into graduate school at Seattle U and I'm debating whether or not to stay at my current job- so I haven't had as much mental energy to invest in tennis lately.  The funk I've been in since my birthday only seems to be getting stronger so my confidence and my mood are at record low levels.  It might be time to call the crazy doctor for some stronger crazy pills.

Is a tennis sabbatical in order?  One of the big things that keeps me playing is that it's my only real consistent form of exercise, but now I have Wii Fit, so...