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Depression is Boring...

I just did a google image search of the word "depression" and this was my favorite of the images that came up:

I think that sums it up pretty nicely, actually.

P.S. Sorry if I've been hard to reach or no fun lately. I've been in a MAJOR funk. But don't worry, I'm increasing my therapy sessions to one a week and calling my Psychiatrist and Personal Trainer. Things are going to get better (I hope).

What is the Matter with Me?

Last Friday I got my paycheck and my tax refund- something like $2200- deposited into my bank account and ever since then I've been having these uncontrollable thoughts about spending the money.  On Saturday night patafamilias and I went to Target and Best Buy and I was this close to buying an $800 HDTV.  Luckily for my wallet, the Samsung model I liked was out of stock and the store wasn't going to get another one (literally- they are only going to have one on the floor) for about a week.  I was able to dodge that bullet.

However, I am still being consumed by the desire to buy another game console.  All day I sit at my desk at work or in my car and ask myself whether I want a or a  when in reality I can't afford either and my Nintendo Wii satisfies almost all of my gaming needs.  I spend most of days feeling like a crackhead needing his next fix, except instead of crack I want electronics.  Grand Theft Auto IV is coming out next month and despite my disdain for the content of these games (they've really messed with a lot of my clients' heads over the years) I really, really want to play it when it comes out and it's only coming for 360 and PS3.  That sounds like a good reason to plunk $500 on a new game machine, right?

But the real reason I want a new console is so I can add to my collection of gadget boxes that I have in my bedroom closet.  My box collection totally rules and it corresponds with my collections of refrigerator magnets and matchbooks!  Yeah, I collect geeky things- gotta problem with that?  Do you? 


The New Season

The USTA season starts for me this Friday night.  We have a match in Everett at 8:30pm.  This will be our team's second match (we lost the first 1-4) but my first as I sat out the match due to my back problems.  Now that my back feels better I've been practicing 3-4 each week for the last couple of weeks to get ready.  I'm hitting the ball very, very well.  Maybe better than ever.  I had a practice match tonight in singles that I won 6-0, 6-1.  The best part was that I did not double fault for the entire match!  I don't remember that ever happening.  I'm hoping to play singles this Friday, but if I have to play doubles I'll be alright with that too.  Now I just have to lose the weight I gained in Hawaii so I can be invincible! 


Anthony the Grad Student?

I am applying to the Masters in Community Counseling program at Seattle University and I sent off the application packet today (it's due Thursday).  I've decided to become a grad student.

The reason?  I need to make more money, honestly.  And I decided that I no longer want to feel stuck in a job where I have no possible chance of promotion due to my lack of education.  I never thought I would be considered uneducated, but I am in this field.  Occasionally, people make a big deal out of it and those instances really hurt.  So here we go.  The application was completed and turned in.  A panel interview would be next.

Despite the fact that I graduated with honors from the UW with two bachelor's degrees and have over 15,000 hours of social service experience I am still very, very worried that I won't be accepted into the program.  If I do end up getting in, I suspect I'll feel more relieved than happy.  I hope I'm making the right decision...


The Only Straight Thing About Me...

...happens to be my spine which I learned today is not a good thing (a healthy spine has a "C"-like curvature) and can explain the debilitating back spasms I have been experiencing since I returned home from Hawaii.  I'm not sure what triggered the back spasms (I suspect it was the awkward sleeping position I was in the other night) but my Chiropractor suggests all of the driving I do for my job is likely the major culprit.  In order to realign my spinal column I have to visit the Chiropractor 3 times a week for the next 4 weeks.  Should be back and neck- cracking fun!

If you've never had back spasms before, you're lucky.  This seriously has been two days of the most unbearable pain I've ever had in my life.  If it wasn't for patafamilias and his magic hands (and magic Oxycontin), I think I'd still be on the floor writhing in agony!


(Almost) Paradise

Aloha from sunny Hawaii! I've been here for almost eight days, arriving last Monday. Since then it's been beach, beach, beach with a long drive through the rainforest on the Road to Hana in between.  The weather has been amazing, the beaches magnificent.  It really is paradise.  So why am I so bummed out?

I spent most of the day alone, thinking, so I have some ideas.  My original thought was that I'm just not a beach and sun person but I don't think that's entirely true.  The problem is that I have been ultra self-conscious since I started having to take my shirt off.  The truth of the matter is that I am totally not comfortable with my body, especially in its current state.  I've let myself go in the last couple of months, after spending a good part of last summer working really hard with a personal trainer and playing tons of tennis and I do feel bad about that.  But it goes deeper than that I think.

I've never been comfortable in my own skin.  I have a terrible relationship with my body and I don't treat it well.  Somehow I've just never been able to accept that I wasn't born tall, lean, blue eyed... basically that I'm not an Abercrombie & Fitch model.  I spent much of my adolescence and early adulthood silently resenting this fact.  I have never felt like I could measure up in the gay world.  When I was 22-23 I worked out a lot in a futile attempt to attract a very cute, probably straight, Christian guy I knew in college and when I look back at pictures of me at that time I think now that I looked really good.  Why wasn't I getting laid everyday? I wonder.  Back then, despite my best efforts, I still thought I was ugly and I haven't been able to shake this.

So here I am.  In Hawaii, in paradise, the land of the lean, tan, surfer and I'm having an ugly crisis.  Thank God I'm in therapy.  I'm guessing we're going to have a lot to talk about next time I see him.

P.S. I took that picture- isn't it pretty?

Drunky McDrunkerson's 30th Birthday Party

It was at Nectar in Fremont. Apparently there was a band. I don't remember that at all.

I swear in all of the pictures I have both my eyes closed and my mouth wide open. Very flattering.

Atta, me and Shannon:

Carolyn, Kiki, me, Mandy and Andrea

Ingrid, me, Emily, Ryan and Lisa

Me, Nikisha, Becky and Amanda

Apparently there was a band playing or something...

Embracing my long lost friend Jen

David, me, Kevin, Kerry and Michelle

Atta, Jill, Tana, me and Donny

Mathilda, me and Merrill

and last but not least...

The Cab Ride of SHAME!

Thanks patafamilias for taking pictures!


The Day the Music Died

So maybe that's being a little dramatic, but with one click of the mouse I managed to erase my entire music library from my iPod. I hooked it up to my computer to install a software update and was hoping to upload some new music I just added to my computer. I clicked "Sync Playlist- Recently Added" thinking that would only upload the music I just put on my hard drive and before I knew it, all of the music except for a handful of new songs vanished from my iPod. All my Playlists, my play counts, my podcasts and TV shows all gone... *Poof*- goodbye!

To make matters worse, my 30GB 5th Generation iPod can no longer accommodate my entire music collection so I'm in the unenviable position of having to pick and choose what songs make the cut. And having to wade through over 6800 songs to find my 100 least favorite tunes is becoming rather time consuming. Looks like I may need to upgrade to the iPod Classic after all.


Happy Birthday to Me!

I'm about to leave home for my 30th Birthday Party! I don't know yet where it is going to be or what is planned. secretsouth and patafamilias planned the party for me and wanted to keep the details a secret. I hope there are male strippers!

I think between 50-60 people will be there. And although I have had some anxiety about gathering so many of my (local) friends together in one place (awkward!), I think it'll be fun. Hooray for me! 30 is the new 21!


Old Maid Anthony

I want love in my life.  I really do.

Match.com sent me an email with "my matches" just now, all faces I've seen before and none of them like me.  I get this email twice a week.  So far after two years of having a profile on Match I've had a total of one (very awkward) date.  I'm beginning to think it's impossible for me to meet compatible men in Seattle unless they're (1) taken or (2) "straight."  Perhaps I'm just being cynical.  I mean, there's such a hot gay scene in this city (yeah right)!

I've often wondered if I'm not desperate enough.  Maybe I'm too good at living without. 

No matter, I'm playing fantastic tennis these days.